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How can a towel help to im­prove your swing se­quence? Find out with PGA Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional, Charles Kares.

MANY golfers strug­gle to get their tran­si­tion cor­rect along with un­der­stand­ing how the back­swing im­pacts their abil­ity to cre­ate con­sis­tency and speed in the swing.

Golfers find it easy to cre­ate a re­verse pivot, which tilts the top of their spine in the wrong di­rec­tion to­wards the tar­get. This makes it hard to use the cor­rect se­quence on the down­swing.

The cor­rect se­quence for the down­swing starts with the hips, fol­lowed by the up­per body, and then the arms.

It is hard to get this mo­tion cor­rect when the spinal an­gle is in the wrong po­si­tion at the top of the swing. Learn­ing how to get into the cor­rect po­si­tion at the top of the swing is im­por­tant in help­ing the player un­wind cor­rectly into the ball with speed and power to max­imise dis­tance.

A fun and easy drill you can do any­where, any­time is to set up with a towel in­stead of a golf club. Swing back let­ting the towel fall onto your shoul­ders (pic 1). From a static po­si­tion, swing the towel through to the fin­ish­ing po­si­tion (pics 2 & 3).

Through the ‘im­pact’ zone, the towel will be straight be­cause of the cor­rect se­quenc­ing cre­at­ing speed and power.

Ad­vanced coach­ing cer­ti­fied PGA Pro­fes­sional

CHARLES KARES is a teach­ing pro at The Lakes Golf Club. You can book a les­son with Charles via the web­site www.the­lakesgolf­ or call (02) 9669 3544.

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