De­velop squat thrust

Golf Australia - - IN MY OPINION -

Strong hit­ters cre­ate mas­sive down­swing thrust by work­ing their legs and feet against the re­sis­tance of the ground to start the down­swing. We see this as a squat­ting mo­tion. To help you de­velop your own power squat, think ‘knees to tar­get’. From the top of the back­swing, make it your swing thought to drive both knees ag­gres­sively to­wards the tar­get. This ac­tion will take some work to make com­fort­able, but it gives your ac­tion power in three ways:

1 LAT­ERAL BEND It helps you cre­ate the spine lean we spoke about in Prin­ci­ple #1, the up­per body re­act­ing to those driving knees by lean­ing back with the lead shoul­der ris­ing up­ward. 2 BET­TER PATH It helps flight the typ­i­cal out-to-in at­tack path of...

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