‘Power your swing from your core to strike irons sweetly’

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1. Ball slightly back

I play the ball back a lit­tle bit in my set-up, just ahead of the cen­tre of my chest. This al­lows me to make a crisp, clean strike on the ball. I see a lot of am­a­teurs play the ball too far for­ward in their stance. This can cause all sorts of prob­lems, in­clud­ing the club get­ting ahead of your hands too soon, which can lead to some pretty bad mishits.

2. Left shoul­der un­der chin

An­other thing I’ve worked re­ally hard on with Butch is mak­ing sure I main­tain good width in my swing by get­ting my left shoul­der un­der my chin as I ro­tate in the back­swing. This gets the club on a neu­tral plane and helps pre­vent me from get­ting too steep on the way back and, in turn, shal­low­ing out too much on the way down.

I’ve al­ways been a good iron player. Grow­ing up in the Texas wind, you’d bet­ter be.

It all starts with de­cent con­trol and this is some­thing I’ve re­ally been able to dial in with my coach Butch Har­mon.

We’ve de­vel­oped a body-con­trolled swing that de­liv­ers pre­cise strikes. In two of the last three sea­sons, I was ranked in the top 15 in ‘strokes gained – ap­proach to the green’ on the PGA Tour and I’m in­side the top 25 this year, de­spite hav­ing some health is­sues bat­tling Lyme Dis­ease.

Here are the four key things I work on to make sure I’m hit­ting the ball con­sis­tently well.

3. Main­tain the tri­an­gle

My core does most of the work dur­ing the swing, not my arms. You can en­sure your body is do­ing the work by fo­cus­ing on the tri­an­gle be­tween your shoul­ders and arms – it should be there for the en­tire back­swing. My wrists hinge at the top but I stop my swing at three­quar­ters, es­pe­cially on my shorter irons, for more con­trol.

4. Pinch the ball at im­pact

My down­swing starts with my left hip shift­ing to­ward my tar­get and the body un­wind­ing. Us­ing my body as much as I do de­liv­ers the club­head con­sis­tently and gives me con­sis­tent loft and dis­tance on ev­ery shot. My main fo­cus is try­ing to re­ally pinch the ball to cre­ate that nice com­pres­sion you hear from tour play­ers.

A lot of peo­ple tend not to wait for the club to com­plete the back­swing be­fore they start ‘com­ing down’. This means the up­per body starts mov­ing too early in the down­swing – be­fore the lower body.

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