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LEFT HANDED: Yes. DIRECTED FORCE SAYS: Our team of en­gi­neers and golf­ing pro­fes­sion­als have part­nered to de­velop an en­tirely new for­mula and ap­proach to club bal­ance that elim­i­nates un­wanted head ro­ta­tion and torque once and for all. We’ve lit­er­ally rein­vented the bal­ance of the mod­ern putter — we call it lie-an­gle bal­ance. It’s per­haps best de­fined as the putter head’s abil­ity to stay square through the ball dur­ing the putting stroke with­out any ad­just­ments from your hands. The re­sult — the body’s smaller and less re­li­able mus­cle groups re­lax, al­low­ing a player’s stronger mus­cles to main­tain con­trol over swing speed and path. Lie-an­gle bal­anc­ing cre­ates a “pen­du­lum-like” stroke with un­matched sta­bil­ity, ball di­rec­tion and dis­tance con­trol.

Since no two golf swings are alike, we de­cided to bring a per­son­alised putting ex­pe­ri­ence to the mar­ket. Each and ev­ery Directed Force putter is mea­sured to your per­sonal spec­i­fi­ca­tions — from shaft length to lie an­gle. Contact Directed Force Put­ters di­rectly to pur­chase and for a list of Aus­tralian fit­ting lo­ca­tions. www.di­rect­ed­force.com

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