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If there is one sig­nif­i­cant di er­ence be­tween Jordan Spieth’s swing and most of his Tour col­leagues it lies in is his grip.

It’s al­most an over­lap­ping-in­ter­lock­ing grip hy­brid. In­stead of us­ing one or the other, he sits the left in­dex fin­ger on top of the right hand and slightly in­ter­locked with his right pinkie.

But the most im­por­tant as­pect of his grip is his weak left hand and strong right hand. His left hand is weak (turned to­ward the tar­get) which for most am­a­teur golfers might pro­mote a slice. Whereas his strong right hand grip (with the hand turned away from the tar­get) would en­cour­age a draw or hook.

This op­pos­ing grip com­bi­na­tion is cer­tainly not text book but Spieth uses it to great e ect to con­trol the club­face dur­ing his swing.

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