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Best 2017 re­sults

Won Honda Classic, T3 Safeway Open.


Co­bra King PUR V-Grind (52°, 56°, 60°), with True Tem­per Dy­namic Gold Tour Is­sue S400 shafts.

How he does it

The se­cret of any good bunker player is they rely on the same ba­sic set of fun­da­men­tals for get­ting out of the sand and knock­ing their ball close ev­ery time.

Rickie Fowier’s bunker play im­proved dra­mat­i­cally in 2017. He went from a sand save per­cent­age of 52.03 in 2016 and ranked 71st to lead­ing the stat cat­e­gory this year.

Fowler’s ap­proach is sim­ple and text­book. He sets up with an open club­face and wide open stance with the ball for­ward in his stance. As he pre­pares to play the shot, he hov­ers the club­head above where he wants it to enter the sand dur­ing the swing.

The big dif­fer­ence be­tween am­a­teurs and good bunker play­ers like Fowler oc­curs in the back­swing. A lot of am­a­teurs make a short, fast stab­bing swing at the ball, which is unlikely to get the ball out of the sand, let alone close to the flag. Fowler en­sures he makes a long, smooth back­swing be­fore swing­ing down into the sand, let­ting the club­head slide un­der the ball. And the key to the ball fly­ing high out of the sand is to com­plete your fol­low-though, keep­ing the club­face open (or point­ing sky­ward).

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