Ev­ery­body watches with in­ter­est when some­one pulls the big stick out for a shot off the fair­way. Here’s how you can nail the shot ev­ery time.

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Pulling the big stick for a shot off the fair­way is some­thing most teach­ing pros will likely frown upon you do­ing.

But there are times when hit­ting a driver off the fair­way is not such a low per­cent­age play.

Tour pros rarely need to use the driver from the fair­way but Rickie Fowler is one player, who reg­u­larly plays the shot when try­ing to reach a long par-5. Usu­ally the flag will be po­si­tioned in the right half of the green be­cause the ball flight is gen­er­ally a fade.

You too can hit a driver from the fair­way, un­der the right cir­cum­stances.

This kind of shot should be con­sid­ered when you’re try­ing to cover dis­tance and you need to keep the ball low. But if there is any trou­ble, like a wa­ter haz­ard or fair­way bunker, im­me­di­ately in front or to the right of you, put the driver back in the bag.

The most im­por­tant as­pect of this shot – as is the case with hit­ting a fair­way wood – is you must hit down and through the ball. You must fight your in­stincts to get the ball in the air by scoop­ing or hit­ting up.

Also, con­sider your lie when play­ing this shot. But take this into ac­count … the tighter the lie, the more the ball will fade from left-to-right (for right-han­ders) be­cause you will feel the need to hit down more to get the ball up into the air.

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