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One of the big­gest myths in golf is that you have to keep your head still.

This is often a piece of in­struc­tion that gets handed down from a play­ing part­ner dur­ing a round, usu­ally after a topped or thinned shot. “You’re mov­ing your head … keep your head down,” are the usual tips ... you’ve no doubt heard of them.

But as we can see from Hen­rik Sten­son’s swing, your head should be free to move. Not only does Sten­son move his head away from the tar­get lat­er­ally as part of his swing trig­ger, he also ro­tates his head through im­pact and ap­pears to not be look­ing at the ball at im­pact and into the fol­low-through.

But if you take a closer look his head is ac­tu­ally just fol­low­ing the turn of his shoul­ders through im­pact.

If you keep your head still, or down, you will re­strict the way your body ro­tates through im­pact re­sult­ing in a range of mis-hit shots.

Sten­son has gen­er­ated a lot of power in his down­swing and if he was to keep his head still it would re­strict his turn­ing up­per body and sti­fle the fol­low-through. This would not only cause mis-hits but in some cases it could lead to in­jury.

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