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Pound for pound, my swing is the most pow­er­ful on Tour. I’m not one of the big­gest guys but I am one of the long­est hit­ters so it just goes to show that power isn’t all about size. I love to re­ally go at it with the driver through im­pact, but in all hon­esty it’s the fun­da­men­tals that make me a big hit­ter. I fo­cus on flex­i­bil­ity, width, ro­ta­tion, bal­ance and swing plane. Nail these driv­ing ba­sics and you can swing out of your spikes with full con­fi­dence.

1 2 3 Ac­cu­rate aim Par­al­lel shaft Cre­ate torque I con­stantly check my feet, hips and shoul­ders are par­al­lel and aim­ing cor­rectly so I can make a neu­tral swing. I like to feel like I’m stand­ing tall to help me cre­ate width. A handy trick if you slice the ball is to drop your trail foot back about an inch in re­la­tion to your lead foot to en­cour­age you to swing more from the in­side. My lower body moves very lit­tle in the take­away but my hands are well away from my body as the shaft reaches par­al­lel to the ground, which cre­ates width. Pause here and check that your left arm is ex­tended, the shaft is point­ing par­al­lel to your tar­get line, your wrists feel flat and you’re re­laxed and in no hurry. My goal in my back­swing is to cre­ate max­i­mum torque be­tween my up­per and lower body. My shoul­ders have turned more than 90° to the ball, while my hips haven’t ro­tated nearly as much. This coil­ing of the up­per body against the lower body cre­ates re­sis­tance that can be turned into speed in the down­swing. 4 5 6 Left hip up Cen­tre strike Bal­anced FIn­ish The down­swing is the easy part. Sim­ply trans­fer the en­ergy stored in your back­swing to the ball by rapidly un­wind­ing your lower body. My only thought is to pull my left hip up and be­hind me. This helps me fully ro­tate through the shot, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously pulling the left hip up cre­ates greater dy­namic loft at im­pact. The ex­tent to which my feet lift off the ground il­lus­trates how much I’m push­ing down into the ground to gen­er­ate power. But power is use­less with­out pre­ci­sion. Hit­ting the cen­tre of the face is vi­tal be­cause for ev­ery quar­ter-inch away from the sweet spot you make con­tact, you lose 10mph of ball speed. I can only swing so ag­gres­sively be­cause I’m able to stay bal­anced and main­tain con­trol of my clubead. The swing speed you cre­ate will be wasted if your swing path is poor or your face isn’t close to square. Hold a bal­anced fin­ish po­si­tion un­til your ball lands on ev­ery drive and you’ll be­come longer and straighter. 2.

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