mimic ernie’s smooth rhythm

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EV­ERY golfer swings at a speed that suits them best. But all av­er­age golfers would do well to adopt a rhythm sim­i­lar to Ernie Els to im­prove their ball-strik­ing.

“Golf is all about how you get your ball from where you are to your tar­get, some peo­ple like to do that quickly, oth­ers are a lit­tle slower,” Els is quoted as say­ing. “I guess I do it a lit­tle slower than most.”

Good rhythm and tempo are a must, re­gard­less if you have a good golf swing, or a not so sound golf swing.

So what is good rhythm, or tempo? If you start your back­swing quickly, you don’t leave much room to in­crease the swing speed down into im­pact. With that in mind, make sure you can feel the club at ad­dress, and then start your back­swing slowly. There is a teach­ing the­ory called the ‘bucket of water.’ Think of mak­ing your back­swing with a bucket of water, not a club. If you take the club back quickly, you will splash the water, but if you take it back slow, the water will not splash.

Like driv­ing a car, you start slow and ac­cel­er­ate through the gears. In the golf swing, you do the same so the club­head is mov­ing its fastest at im­pact.

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