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CALL­AWAY SAYS: The 2018 Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls utilise ‘Dual SoftFast’ cores, fea­tur­ing space-age graphene.

Graphene, 200 times stronger than steel but flex­i­ble enough to be bent, twisted, folded and stretched with­out break­ing, has added in­cred­i­ble strength to the outer core of both the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls, trans­form­ing per­for­mance from tee to green.

Nano-par­ti­cles of graphene, in the form of a thin, flat two-di­men­sional ar­range­ment of car­bon atoms in a HEX pat­tern, have been added to the outer core of each Call­away Chrome Soft golf ball as a re­in­forc­ing agent.

Sub­se­quently, graphene’s strength and flex­i­bil­ity prop­er­ties have al­lowed Call­away to push the lim­its of com­pres­sion be­tween the in­ner and outer cores to new bound­aries.

The soft in­ner core now de­forms more un­der larger forces so on im­pact with a driver, fair­way wood or long iron it sup­presses spin, trans­lat­ing into ex­plo­sive speed and longer dis­tance. On shorter shots, the firm graphene-in­fused outer core helps the ball re­tain its shape bet­ter, gen­er­at­ing Tour level spin, per­fect for shot-stop­ping con­trol in and around the green. For more in­for­ma­tion call 1800 217 777 or visit www.call­away­golf.com.au

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