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When it comes to hit­ting greens in reg­u­la­tion, Jor­dan is a ma­chine. He’s cur­rently fifth on Tour in the GIR stat, find­ing the dance­floor 71.09% of the time. This is how he does it.

1 Rou­tine is cru­cial

I like to do a cou­ple of wag­gles be­hind the ball just to get my arms mov­ing while I’m talk­ing to Michael (Greller, cad­die) about the shot. Then I step back, vi­su­alise the shot I want to hit and pic­ture my­self hit­ting it re­cently on the range or the course. As I’m step­ping up to the ball the club goes down first, square to my tar­get. I look up to align my feet and body square to my club­face and I like to have one swing thought.

From that point I like to be solely fo­cused on the tar­get, and have a ‘trig­ger’ be­fore I start my swing. Then it’s a case of try­ing to ro­tate the club­face, rolling it open as I load into my right side in the back­swing, and try­ing to get it back to square. That’s been my thought process for my good ball-strik­ing and, to be hon­est, I haven’t reached a level where I don’t have to think about it yet. It’s a good thought for me.

2 Keep your foot­ing

I’ve worked closely with Un­der Ar­mour to de­velop the Spi­eth 2 shoes, so that I can achieve a firm foot­ing. That’s re­ally im­por­tant as you set-up and swing. As you swing down into the ball, keep your back foot grounded un­til af­ter you’ve hit the ball.

3 Reach for the green

My right arm is fully ex­tended as I swing through ( be­low). I imag­ine that if I let go of the club, it would fly straight to­wards the tar­get. A lot of am­a­teurs lose this ex­ten­sion be­fore they hit the ball, which re­sults in poor con­tact and ac­cu­racy. Feel like you’re reach­ing for the green with the club, and see how much fur­ther and straighter your irons go.

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