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Con­junc­tivi­tis is mostly caused by bac­te­ria you pick up when you come into con­tact with dis­charge from the eyes, nose or throat of some­one who al­ready has the con­di­tion. Or their bac­te­ria can con­tam­i­nate sur­faces, such as a door han­dle or com­puter key­board, and when you touch those sur­faces and then rub your eyes, you in­fect your­self.

“Con­junc­tivi­tis is an in­flam­ma­tion of a mem­brane – the con­junc­tiva – that cov­ers the white part of the eye,” ex­plains Nguyen.

Com­mon symp­toms are red­ness or pink­ness – which is why the con­di­tion is also known as ‘pink eye’. Eyes can also be itchy and swollen and have a sticky yel­low­ish or green­ish dis­charge. Symp­toms usu­ally de­velop within a day to three days of be­ing in­fected and can last for a few days to a few weeks.

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