What a typ­i­cal day looks like...

When you fol­low the 6000kj a day plan you will eat:

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1.5 units a day of breads, ce­re­als and legumes. One unit can be 30g of ce­real, a thin slice of fruit bread or half a small whole­meal scone.

For lunch, you have one unit of lean fish, meat, chicken, eggs or tofu, and a fur­ther 1.5 units of these foods at din­ner. A unit can be 100g of cooked lean meat or fish, two eggs or 100g of tofu.

You eat 3 units of dairy – a unit could be 200ml of skim milk, 100g low-fat Greek yo­ghurt or 55g ri­cotta.

It’s im­por­tant to eat at least 5 units of low-to-mod­er­ate car­bo­hy­drate veg­eta­bles. One unit could be one cup (150g) of salad veg­eta­bles or ½ cup of cooked veg­eta­bles.

You need 10 units of healthy fats each day. One unit is 20g of av­o­cado, 10g of nuts, a ta­ble­spoon of hum­mus, or a tea­spoon of olive, grape­seed or sun­flower oil.

You’re al­lowed two in­dul­gence units each week – this could be 20g of choco­late, a 20g packet of chips, or a 150ml glass of wine. Af­ter week 7 you can have an ex­tra 20g of car­bo­hy­drates. #

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