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Not ev­ery­one’s teeth are suit­able for whiten­ing. For many peo­ple it poses no se­ri­ous risk if done cor­rectly. But if you choose the wrong treat­ment or it is ap­plied in­cor­rectly, then some dam­age can oc­cur. Po­ten­tial prob­lems can in­clude re­duc­tion of enamel strength, in­flamed or blis­tered gums and tooth sen­si­tiv­ity. Crowns and fill­ings will not change colour, so you could end up with multi-coloured teeth.

See your den­tist first who will check your suit­abil­ity for whiten­ing by look­ing at things like enamel thick­ness, re­ced­ing gums, ex­ist­ing sen­si­tiv­ity, tooth de­cay, restora­tions such as fill­ings, crowns and ve­neers, and any other oral dis­eases.

The re­sults of whiten­ing can range de­pend­ing on the cause of the discolouration. The re­al­ity is most peo­ple will achieve a one- or two-shade change but many will see no change at all.

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