“Hyp­nother­apy brought me peace and for­give­ness”

– Duda Jadri­je­vic, 39

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Af­ter her fa­ther died, Duda had past-life re­gres­sion hyp­nother­apy to help heal her grief and un­ravel their com­pli­cated re­la­tion­ship.

“My fa­ther and I had an in­tense re­la­tion­ship. There was a lot of love but also a lot of dis­agree­ment, be­cause he was crit­i­cal of my sen­si­tive, artis­tic side. When he died, it opened up old emo­tional wounds. I re­alised I wasn’t com­fort­able with my softer, fem­i­nine side and had prob­lems with re­la­tion­ships with men, and it was linked to my fa­ther.

I wanted to un­der­stand my emo­tional wounds and I knew that when you do re­gres­sion hyp­nother­apy, you can have an en­counter with peo­ple who’ve passed away, so I booked a ses­sion.

My hyp­nother­a­pist re­as­sured me that I was 100 per cent in con­trol of the process, so I never felt scared. Re­gres­sive hyp­nother­apy is a peace­ful ex­pe­ri­ence that ex­plores the jour­ney of your soul across life­times, and is al­most like med­i­tat­ing. I saw seven of my past lives, which gave

me in­sight into my present life. In one life, I was an am­bi­tious lawyer in the late 18th cen­tury. In this life, I’m strong, fo­cused and deter­mined in my work, but in my pri­vate life I’m quite shy and sen­si­tive.

The ther­a­pist asked if I wanted to go into a place where I could meet my fa­ther. It was like I was sit­ting on the edge of the world look­ing out at the uni­verse, and sud­denly my fa­ther ap­peared through a se­ries of images. In this en­counter, he apol­o­gised for be­ing so crit­i­cal of me, ad­mit­ting that my vul­ner­a­bil­ity re­minded him of his own. He said that be­cause of how he had treated me, I had cre­ated a huge wall, but I needed to re­move those bar­ri­ers and com­bine my strength with my vul­ner­a­bil­ity.

Af­ter the ses­sion, I ac­tu­ally mended. The for­giv­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion brought me peace and helped me love my­self for who I am. A year later, I met my soul mate in Bali – a man who loves my sen­si­tiv­ity.” in­ner­bal­ance­hyp­nother­apy.co.uk Skype ses­sions avail­able.

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