Lagom: liv­ing a bal­anced life

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Take a tip from the Swedes and em­brace lagom.

If you love hygge (the Dan­ish con­cept of cosi­ness), there’s an­other Scandi way of boost­ing your well­be­ing. Dis­cover lagom, mean­ing ‘just enough’, and why it helps you feel hap­pier and health­ier. Pro­nounced lah-gom, this Swedish way of life is about things be­ing ‘just enough’ or ‘just right’ – some­thing that’s nei­ther too much of one thing, nor too much of the other, but some­where in-be­tween.

Find­ing bal­ance is the key to this con­cept, which is em­bed­ded deep in the Swedish psy­che. It per­me­ates all as­pects of life, from at­ti­tudes to health and ex­er­cise, to diet and so­cial­is­ing. The idea dates back to the Vik­ing era, be­tween the 8th and 11th cen­turies, when com­mu­nal bowls of food and drink were passed around the ta­ble for ev­ery­one to take a fair share.

It was im­por­tant that each per­son take ‘just enough’ so that ev­ery­one could have some. So, along with the idea of bal­ance in all things, there is also a con­scious un­selfish­ness about lagom. It’s an at­trac­tive mind­set to adopt when you con­sider how busy and goal-fo­cused mod­ern life can be.

What if we could slow down our per­fec­tion­ist think­ing and in­stead strive to be sim­ply good enough? Lagom is about liv­ing in a way in which we’re not tak­ing too much, but also not deny­ing our­selves. Here, we look at the ways it can ben­e­fit your fit­ness, well­be­ing and nutri­tion.

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