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Hard lumps that form in folds in the ton­sils. They are usu­ally one to two mil­lime­tres across and made of cal­cium or fungi. Signs in­clude bad breath, an ir­ri­tat­ing cough, sore throat, a nasty taste in the mouth and a feel­ing that there’s some­thing stuck in the back of your throat. Surgery may be needed to re­move them. Re­duce the risk with good oral hy­giene and gar­gling with warm salt wa­ter.


Stones in the blad­der made from min­er­als in urine that harden when the blad­der isn’t com­pletely emp­tied. Signs in­clude ab­dom­i­nal pain, blood in urine and pain in the pe­nis or tes­ti­cles. Stones can pass if you drink plenty of wa­ter but, in some cases, you may need a laser treat­ment or ul­tra­sound to break up stones and flush them out. Surgery may be nec­es­sary if stones are large or hard to break.

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