What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween live cul­tures and pro­bi­otics?

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Live cul­tures and pro­bi­otics are both terms for good bac­te­ria. Live cul­tures are bac­te­ria used to fer­ment foods, such as the bac­te­ria found in yo­ghurt or kim­chi. Pro­bi­otics are types of good bac­te­ria that have been found to re­sult in a spe­cific health im­prove­ment, such as re­duc­ing bloat­ing. Pro­bi­otics may be found in sup­ple­ments or foods. Although some live cul­tures can have a pro­bi­otic ef­fect, not all do. For ex­am­ple, even though all yo­ghurt is made us­ing live cul­tures, a ‘pro­bi­otic yo­ghurt’ is a yo­ghurt that con­tains a spe­cific amount of a spe­cific strain of good bac­te­ria, which re­search has shown can de­liver a par­tic­u­lar health out­come.

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