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Skin can­cer can ap­pear on the tongue, the in­side of cheeks, roof of the mouth, gums and lips. “Lips get sun-dam­aged as peo­ple for­get to put sun­screen on them, so if a sore or ul­cer pops up on your lips and it cracks, bleeds, or changes shape or colour, get it checked,” says Creeper.

Whi­tish sores, how­ever, are most likely cold sores caused by the her­pes sim­plex virus (HSV). Around 90 per cent of adults have been ex­posed to the HSV and a third of those ex­pe­ri­ence cold sores.

A cold sore break­out can be trig­gered by a chest in­fec­tion or flu, stress, the sun or wind. They usu­ally clear up on their own but an­tivi­ral creams ap­plied as soon as the area be­gins to tin­gle may help them to heal faster. #

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