If you cir­cled mainly You are the peace­maker

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You’re a nat­u­ral diplo­mat who can see two sides to ev­ery story, and come up with a com­pro­mise. You’re the one most likely to in­ter­vene dur­ing con­flict to re­store har­mony. You’re seen as a wise soul, and your sib­lings reg­u­larly come to you with their prob­lems. Peace­mak­ers are of­ten mid­dle chil­dren, or the old­est sibling who grew up with bick­er­ing younger ones. Your nat­u­ral diplo­macy means you’re com­fort­able so­cially and a good team player. You may also find your­self drawn to sup­port­ing oth­ers out­side the fam­ily, by fight­ing for fair­ness.

How it holds you back: You’re in­clined to put your­self last and ne­glect your own needs, which means your well­be­ing can be­come com­pro­mised. You can end up feel­ing re­sent­ful and tired, es­pe­cially dur­ing con­flict, and are prone to anx­i­ety.

Los­ing the la­bel: Your challenge is to try and strike a bal­ance be­tween be­ing com­pas­sion­ate and be­ing a peo­ple pleaser. Re­duce the time you spend lis­ten­ing to per­sonal dra­mas and sug­gest the rel­e­vant par­ties talk to each other di­rectly. Take a step back.

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