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Should I aim to squat lower than 90 de­grees?

Pro­vided that you’re in good health and have good tech­nique, ab­so­lutely. It’s a myth that if your thighs go lower than par­al­lel to the floor it puts too much stress on the knees. Start by us­ing your body weight only and then pro­gress­ing deeper over time be­fore adding ex­tra weight. Get your trainer at the gym to check your pos­ture. I’m con­scious that as I get older I have more chance of be­com­ing off bal­ance and fall­ing. How can I re­duce the risk of this hap­pen­ing? Re­search shows that con­sis­tently train­ing our body in an un­sta­ble but con­trolled way cre­ates a valu­able con­nec­tion be­tween our ner­vous sys­tem and brain. This in turn leads to a new, more ef­fec­tive way of do­ing things through form­ing new mo­tor pat­terns, there­fore pre­vent­ing neu­ro­mus­cu­lar de­cline, which can be re­spon­si­ble for a lack of bal­ance. Bal­ance train­ing pro­gres­sion be­gins with sta­bil­ity fol­lowed by strength and power. Aim to in­te­grate the ex­er­cises be­low into your fit­ness regime as you feel com­fort­able.

Sta­bil­ity (no move­ment): Stand on one leg while hold­ing onto a sta­ble chair or ta­ble, then progress to not hold­ing on to any­thing. Strength (more move­ment): Stand on one leg while ex­e­cut­ing a squat. Power (more dy­namic move­ment): Com­bine a one-legged squat with a hop as you come up out of the squat. I’m about to em­bark on a twoweek cruise and I’m scared of putting on weight like I did last time. Any tips? Take the stairs when­ever you can, ALL OF THE TIME. This is one of the most con­ve­nient forms of ex­er­cise.

Try to avoid go­ing back for sec­onds at the buf­fet. Re­mem­ber you’ll have two weeks to try ev­ery­thing.

Get off the ship at each port and walk wher­ever you can. Ex­plore as much as pos­si­ble – af­ter all, that’s what trav­el­ling is all about.

Avoid pay­ing more for all-in­clu­sive al­co­hol as you may feel as if you have to make the most of it and au­to­mat­i­cally drink more, even if you don’t par­tic­u­larly want to. Also, make ev­ery sec­ond or third day al­co­hol-free to give your liver a break so it can fo­cus on metabolis­ing any ex­tra food you do in­dulge in. How of­ten should I weigh my­self? This re­ally de­pends on the type of per­son you are. I’ve seen peo­ple who weigh them­selves daily be­come ob­sessed with the num­ber. It can dic­tate how you feel, but if you fluc­tu­ate a kilo or two in a cou­ple of days, chances are it’s fluid re­ten­tion. For oth­ers, the scales help keep them on track. My sug­ges­tion is once a week, on the same scales, at the same time.

‘Take the stairs when­ever you can, all of the time’ ‘Get off the ship at each port and Ex­plore as much as pos­si­ble’

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