a cloud spot­ter’s guide

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» Cir­rus,

from cirro – mean­ing curly or fi­brous – are the higher level clouds. Think a curl of hair, these wispy numbers are like del­i­cate fil­a­ments com­posed of ice and are a pos­i­tive sign as they usu­ally mean good weather. Cir­rus clouds are par­tic­u­larly beau­ti­ful at sun­rise and sun­set as they take on the glim­mer­ing red and yel­low tones of the sun.


from strato, sug­gest­ing sheets or lay­ers, are lower level clouds and are less well-de­fined and likely to cover the whole sky. Their spe­cialty is in cre­at­ing a halo ef­fect in the sky when the sun or moon shines through them.


from cu­mulo, in­di­cat­ing heaped or piled, are also low level clouds. These bil­low­ing shapes that ob­scure a blue sky are the most bright white in colour. They gen­er­ally in­crease in size through­out the day and dis­solve again to­wards the evening.

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