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'If pos­si­ble, ex­er­cise in the coolest part of the day' usu­ally the last area you put on fat is also the first area to shed it

I find ex­er­cis­ing in sum­mer is re­ally un­com­fort­able due to the heat. Is it okay to take a break from ex­er­cise for a whole sea­son? A

As long as you don’t have a par­tic­u­lar med­i­cal con­di­tion, I suggest try­ing to keep up some level of ac­tiv­ity, for ex­am­ple swim­ming or work­ing out in an air­con­di­tioned gym. If pos­si­ble, ex­er­cise in the coolest part of the day (early morn­ing/ late evening) with a neck cooler and al­ways have chilled wa­ter on hand.

I’m happy with the ma­jor­ity of my body, how­ever I would like my thighs to be thin­ner. Is there any­thing I can do? A

Un­for­tu­nately we can’t ‘spot re­duce’ a spe­cific area to lose fat, which is why it’s im­por­tant to fo­cus on con­tin­u­ing to work out all ar­eas of the body. Your ge­netic makeup dic­tates where you lose fat first; usu­ally the last area you put on fat is also the first area to shed it. While do­ing lat­eral lunges, step-ups, and squats will en­hance the ton­ing of your thighs, when it comes to de­creas­ing the ac­tual body fat per­cent­age on this part of your body, it’s a mat­ter of re­main­ing con­sis­tent and be­ing pa­tient.

My teenage kids aren’t fit and are al­ways on their phones. How can I make be­ing ac­tive ap­peal­ing? A

One of the best things you can do is lead by ex­am­ple and make it fun. Ask them to walk with you to the near­est bas­ket­ball courts af­ter work to shoot hoops or have them join you for a game of ten­nis. Or you could or­gan­ise a so­cial games night once a week with neigh­bours/friends where you could play soc­cer, cricket, vol­ley­ball etc and fol­low it up with a pic­nic.

I have al­ways as­pired to hav­ing a six pack; how of­ten do I have to train my ab­dom­i­nals to achieve this? A

A six pack doesn’t come from hours of crunches, it is a re­sult of hav­ing a low body fat per­cent­age. To work to­wards a six pack, very con­sis­tent clean eat­ing and train­ing your en­tire body is para­mount. While the ab­dom­i­nals have more slow twitch fi­bres – which al­lows you to train them more than other fast twitch fi­bre mus­cles – they still need re­cov­ery be­tween ses­sions so there is no need to train them more than three to four times a week.

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