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» Belly fat

Ex­cess fatty tis­sue around the stom­ach is par­tic­u­larly dangerous, as it en­cour­ages in­flam­ma­tion which dam­ages im­mune cells. Reducing calo­ries by 30 per cent re­duces cell wear and tear.

» Salt

Ac­cord­ing to an Amer­i­can study, over­weight teens were put on ei­ther a high or low sodium diet. Those who ate more salt had sig­nif­i­cantly shorter telom­eres than their peers. Sea­son food with no more than 8g of salt and at least 20g of herbs a day.

» Un­truths

Ly­ing ac­ti­vates stress hor­mones which can cause var­i­ous health prob­lems. Par­tic­i­pants in an Aus­tralian study re­ported that, af­ter 10 weeks of only telling the truth, they felt less men­tal ten­sion. They also had fewer com­plaints like sore throats or headaches.

» Sit­ting

Ten­sion, vari­cose veins, headaches, cir­cu­la­tory prob­lems and di­a­betes. More and more dis­eases can now be traced back to sit­ting. One study has found that the like­li­hood of dy­ing in the next three years is 40 per cent higher among peo­ple who sit for more than eleven hours a day, com­pared to those who sit for fewer than four hours.

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