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If you ex­pe­ri­ence menopause be­fore age 45, doc­tors call this early menopause. While we can skip the oc­ca­sional pe­riod, early menopause causes con­tin­ued missed pe­ri­ods over the course of 12 months. It can oc­cur due to un­ex­plained fac­tors but there are some known causes:

Ge­net­ics: If a close fam­ily mem­ber went through early menopause, then you could too. Au­toim­mune dis­or­der: A con­di­tion like thy­roid dis­ease or rheuma­toid arthri­tis can dam­age the tissues in the ovaries, af­fect­ing their abil­ity to make hor­mones. Smok­ing: It can speed up the ar­rival of menopause. Can­cer treat­ment: Chemo­ther­apy or ra­di­a­tion to the pelvis for can­cer can dam­age the cells in the ovaries. But not all women who have these treat­ments ex­pe­ri­ence early menopause. Sur­gi­cal menopause: This is when an op­er­a­tion is per­formed to re­move both ovaries. Talk to your doc­tor be­fore the surgery to help you bet­ter man­age the symp­toms. Low weight: A study of 80,000 women found be­ing un­der­weight made early menopause more likely. Women whose BMI was be­tween 25 and 29 were up to 30 per cent less likely to ex­pe­ri­ence early menopause.

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