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Fi­broids are growths that de­velop in the mus­cles of the uterus. They are al­most al­ways non-can­cer­ous, are very common and can af­fect up to 50 per cent of women at some point. Fi­broids need the hor­mone oe­stro­gen to grow. Since your oe­stro­gen lev­els de­crease dra­mat­i­cally af­ter menopause, this usu­ally re­duces the risk of devel­op­ing fi­broids and ex­ist­ing fi­broids ac­tu­ally shrink. How­ever, this may not ap­ply to women who are tak­ing HRT. If you’re hav­ing vagi­nal bleed­ing or other symp­toms of fi­broids af­ter menopause, see your doc­tor.

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