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Many women in mid-life com­plain about gain­ing weight. The menopausal years don’t have to lead to weight gain but you’ll need to work harder to keep the ex­tra ki­los at bay.

Why the kilo creep?

Pos­si­ble rea­sons in­clude a drop in phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity, a re­dis­tri­bu­tion of fat as hor­mone lev­els change, and an in­crease in ap­petite re­sult­ing from a fall in oe­stro­gen. This de­cline can also cause weight to shift from hips to ab­domen, giv­ing you an ‘ap­ple shape’ – wider in the mid­dle and slim around the hips, arms and legs. Emo­tional eat­ing may also play a part – that is, turn­ing to food in re­sponse to feel­ings of stress, bore­dom, frus­tra­tion, lone­li­ness or anger – all common emo­tions at this time

of life.

Try this

Chances are you have tried more than one fad diet in your life­time. Fad di­ets don’t work in the long term and by this age it’s im­por­tant to say good­bye to them once and for all.

Dr Amanda Sains­bury Salis gave up on fad di­ets a long time ago and fo­cused in­stead on the simple con­cept of eat­ing what­ever foods she likes, but only when hun­gry, stop­ping when sat­is­fied and

never de­priv­ing her­self. She lost weight and has kept it off for many years. In her book, The Don’t Go

Hun­gry Diet, she gives you all the sup­port and in­for­ma­tion you need to make eat­ing in­tu­itively work for you too – for good.

Salis cov­ers all an­gles and of­fers plenty of so­lu­tions for common ob­sta­cles to shed­ding those ki­los. You can read the first chap­ter of her book for free on her web­site: dra­man­daon­line.com.

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