5-minute tone-ups

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Tar­get your thighs: Mul­ti­task­ing squat

Hold­ing a large bot­tle of wa­ter in your right hand next to your shoul­der, stand with feet wide. Squat as you press the weight up in the air, with knees aligned over an­kles, then lower the weight and pass it un­der your left thigh to your left hand as you squat un­til thighs are par­al­lel to the floor. Straighten legs slightly then squat again as you pass it to your right hand un­der your right thigh. Do 20-25 passes.

Take aim at your arms: Tri­cep dips with leg raise

Place hands shoul­der-width apart on the edge of a chair. Lower body un­til el­bows are at 90 de­grees, then lift and ex­tend one leg. Bring leg back in as you straighten arms and push your­self back to start­ing po­si­tion. Re­lax leg down be­fore switch­ing. Do for 30 seconds, rest and re­peat.

Blitz your bum: Ul­ti­mate butt kick

Go on all fours and lean forward. Lift right leg off the ground keeping knee bent. With thigh par­al­lel to the floor, kick your foot into the air, hold and squeeze your but­tock then lower back down. Lower and re­peat. Do 20 kicks on each side.

Work your tum: Plank to push-up

Start in a plank po­si­tion, ly­ing face down with el­bows bent and rest­ing on fore­arms and balls of feet, with your body form­ing a straight line. Move into push-up po­si­tion by switch­ing from rest­ing on fore­arms to rest­ing on hands and straight­en­ing both your arms. Hold for a count of two and then re­turn to your plank po­si­tion. Do a to­tal of eight reps.

Do some tough house­work... win­dow clean­ing, scrub­bingfloors, lung­ing while you hoover

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