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New re­search shows there are in fact five cat­e­gories of di­a­betes, not just type 1 and type 2. The study, pub­lished in The Lancet Di­a­betes & En­docrinol­ogy, an­a­lysed data from four stud­ies that fol­lowed al­most 15,000 adults from Swe­den and Fin­land, all of whom were newly di­ag­nosed with di­a­betes. They looked at six fac­tors rep­re­sent­ing the dif­fer­ent fea­tures of di­a­betes, in­clud­ing age, BMI, long-term blood sugar con­trol, in­sulin resistance and the pres­ence of di­a­betes-re­lated au­toan­ti­bod­ies. From this, they then cat­e­gorised di­a­betes un­der five new ‘clus­ters’, rang­ing from se­vere au­toim­mune di­a­betes – also known as type 1 di­a­betes – to se­vere in­sulin-de­fi­cient di­a­betes to mild age-re­lated di­a­betes. More re­search is needed, but the study also noted the five clus­ters were “ge­net­i­cally dis­tinct”, mean­ing there were no ge­netic mu­ta­tions that were shared across all five clus­ters.

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