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But­tery puff pas­try off­set by sweetly tart fruit – sim­ple per­fec­tion. Best any time.

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Rhubarb and pear dar­tois.

Rhubarb and pear dar­tois

Dar­tois are pas­tries with a sweet or savoury fill­ing en­closed be­tween two pieces of puff pas­try. They can be made ahead and kept re­frig­er­ated, which makes them great for en­ter­tain­ing. This sweet ver­sion is filled with frangi­pane and sweet-tart fruit.

Prep time 40 mins, cook 40 mins (plus chill­ing)

Makes 6

375 gm sheet but­ter puff pas­try (see note) Egg­wash (see cook’s notes p177)


75 gm caster su­gar

50 gm soft­ened but­ter

Scraped seeds of 1 vanilla bean 1 egg

70 gm al­mond meal

25 gm plain flour

30 ml amaretto

Rhubarb-pear fill­ing

1 firm beurre Bosc pear, peeled and cut into 1cm dice

Juice and finely grated rind of ½ lemon 170 gm caster su­gar

1 bunch thin rhubarb (500gm-600gm), trimmed and thinly sliced

1½ tsp corn­flour

Pour­ing cream, to serve

1 For frangi­pane, beat su­gar, but­ter and vanilla seeds in a bowl with a wooden spoon un­til creamy, then beat in egg. Stir in al­mond meal, flour and amaretto and re­frig­er­ate for 1 hour to chill.

2 For rhubarb-pear fill­ing, stir pear, lemon juice and rind, and 100gm su­gar in a saucepan over high heat un­til su­gar dis­solves, bring to the boil and cook un­til a thick syrup forms (3-4 min­utes). Add rhubarb and sim­mer un­til rhubarb is al­most ten­der and still hold­ing its shape (2-4 min­utes). Trans­fer to a bowl and re­frig­er­ate for 1 hour to chill. Strain syrup into a saucepan, re­turn­ing fruit to the bowl. Add corn­flour and re­main­ing su­gar to syrup and bring to the boil, whisk­ing, and cook un­til syrup is thick­ened (2 min­utes). Pour syrup over rhubarb and pear, and re­frig­er­ate to cool com­pletely (30 min­utes).

3 Cut 9 rounds from pas­try sheet with a 9cm cut­ter, then reroll scraps and cut 3 more (use these for bases) and re­frig­er­ate on a trays lined with bak­ing pa­per to firm up (20 min­utes). To make lat­tice tops, work­ing with a round at a time and keep­ing re­main­ing re­frig­er­ated, cut a row of 1cm-long slits about 1cm apart, leav­ing 1.5cm from the edges. Make an­other row next to it, with the slits spaced be­tween those of the first row. Re­peat to cover round, then re­frig­er­ate to chill (30 min­utes). Re­peat with 5 more rounds.

4 Work­ing with a pas­try round at a time, keep­ing re­main­ing re­frig­er­ated, spread with frangi­pane, leav­ing a 1.5cm bor­der. Drain ta­ble­spoon­fuls of fruit mix­ture and place on frangi­pane. Brush bor­der with egg­wash, then gen­tly pull apart a pas­try top and place over fill­ing. Press around edge to seal, then trim with pas­try cut­ter to neaten and re­frig­er­ate while you make re­main­ing dar­tois.

5 Pre­heat oven to 200C. Brush pas­tries with egg­wash and bake un­til golden brown and crisp (25-28 min­utes). Serve warm with cream.

Note We like Carême all-but­ter puff pas­try, which comes in 375gm sheets.

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