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Re­peat for each spot along your back that feels tight. Typ­i­cally Mag­nussen does four lev­els along his spine.

• Lie on a mat, with hands be­hind your head, and place the foam roller just be­low shoul­der blades. • Push up with your core un­til there's a straight line from knees to shoul­ders. • Push back with heels, un­til the foam roller is at a po­si­tion where you feel tight­ness in your spine. • Drop bum to the floor and lean back so el­bows touch the mat. • Hold, nice and tight, for one-two sec­onds. • Re­peat, as re­quired. DO THIS TIP BE­FORE AND AF­TER A REG­U­LAR EX­ER­CISE ROU­TINE. IT WILL OPEN UP THE VER­TE­BRAE AND AL­LOW A BET­TER RANGE OF MO­TION. FOAM ROLLERS ARE AVAIL­ABLE FROM MOST SPORTS OR YOGA STORES.

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