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Rum­mag­ing through an old box, I re­cently came across a frst-gen­er­a­tion ipod. It was beau­ti­ful – the pearles­cent white ma­te­rial around the screen, the still-shiny me­tal­lic back with per­son­alised en­grav­ing (sorry we didn’t work out, ex-girl­friend who gifted it me) and, of course, the quaint nav­i­ga­tion wheel. The prob­lem was it wouldn’t turn on and I had noth­ing on hand to charge it. And the same can be said of prac­ti­cally all old tech – un­less you can lo­cate that par­tic­u­lar cord/adap­tor/ bat­tery pack, they’re go­ing to re­main inan­i­mate. The fnd re­minded me of a re­cent din­ner with the CEO of Alpina Watch In­ter­na­tional, Guido Bene­dini. He spoke of fnd­ing a sim­i­lar box stuffed with nos­tal­gic items, among them his fa­ther’s watch. He de­scribed pick­ing it up and rub­bing the lines of the stain­less steel case with his thumb. Al­most by habit he shook it, as you do any au­to­matic watch. Sud­denly, the sec­ond hand sprang to life and started sweep­ing the dial, as it had done count­less times on the wrist of his dad. The story made the hairs on my arm stand up. This, in one sim­ple anec­dote, is why me­chan­i­cal watches have sur­vived so many dis­rup­tions – quartz in the late ’60s and most re­cently the in­flux of so-called ‘smart’ watches, meant to end old­fash­ioned time­pieces once and for all. But of course they didn’t and are not – with no dis­cernible drop in tra­di­tional sales. Why? Be­cause their ‘hu­man­ness’ is re­as­sur­ing, their dura­bil­ity im­pres­sive. Bene­dini and I de­cided to toast ‘real’ watches with another glass of red. And that’s a point to pon­der be­fore you set­tle back with this bulging edi­tion of GQ Watch. The beat of a lux­ury time­piece will likely out­live your own – a watch that may one day be found in a drawer by those you love, long af­ter you’re gone. you should be. Remembering that the orig­i­nal 1969 ‘Astron’ her­alded the ar­rival of the world’s first com­mer­cially avail­able quartz wrist­watch, the rev­o­lu­tion­ary ap­peal con­tin­ues here, with GPS mean­ing touch-of-abut­ton time zone up­dates as pow­ered by so­lar energy. Tidy – es­pe­cially for global trav­ellers. seiko.com.au


I’ve been look­ing around for a ro­bust diver’s watch to en­sure my week­end wrist­wear is on point and Mau­rice Lacroix’s new ‘Pon­tos S Diver’ looks like it’ll do just that. I’m nor­mally a fan of a monochrome watch, but here the splash of or­ange is what does it for me. mau­ricelacroix.com


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