Benji & Joel Mad­den

The Amer­i­can pop­star per­son­al­i­ties who, from the com­fort of a cou­ple of spin­ning chairs, have taken Aus­tralian prime-time TV by storm.


Pop-punk is a con­tra­dic­tion. Broth­erly love is not. And both ride shot­gun in the suc­cess of th­ese US twins – mu­sic a plat­form that cre­ated the chance to move be­yond a frac­tured up­bring­ing, re­liant on each other to cut through and re­alise dreams. Recog­ni­tion first came with Good Char­lotte, suc­cess tail­ing them into life as a mu­si­cal duo. Here, it’s spin­ning-chair TV out­ing The Voice that’s led to the 36-year-olds’ Aus­tralian adop­tion – on-screen tus­sles and snip­ing lit­tle more than small-screen pos­tur­ing. Be­cause un­wa­ver­ing fra­ter­nal love is what Benji and Joel Mad­den are about. Joel Mad­den: Be­ing twins and then leav­ing home to­gether, we’ve been part­ners from a young age. Benji Mad­den: We’ve al­ways stuck to­gether. JM: We have an in­ter­est­ing part­ner­ship, we share the same prin­ci­ples and val­ues – it’s about brother­hood and… BM: Look we made a deal at a young age that we’d never let money come be­tween us, we shook hands on this when we were 16. JM: Yeah, and we’ve al­ways been 50/50 part­ners on every­thing. BM: No one sits you down and says this is how you be­come a team – as broth­ers, we stuck to­gether to sur­vive and we be­came a team as we went though our ex­pe­ri­ences in life and work.

BM: It’s re­ally just in our thir­ties that we’ve learnt how to talk shit out – in our twen­ties it was talk­ing and then some­thing else. But we al­ways had a line that you never crossed. JM: Yeah, never punch each other in the face. BM: And we never crossed it. As broth­ers you don’t go there – get rough, and do it to an­other man but never to your brother. It’s a sa­cred bond you don’t break.

BM: Joel frus­trates the hell out of me some­times, but he knows how to pull me back – he’s kept me on course in life. He al­ways has good in­ten­tions for ev­ery­one, you see it at work and at home. And I’m lucky to have this guy to count on, he’s the rea­son we’ve had such big dreams, he has the big­ger vi­sion and the dream and wants to go for it all. JM: Why thank you. This guy next to me is chatty, grounded, hon­est in his ap­proach to work and busi­ness, a hard worker, ded­i­cated, loyal and pro­tec­tive. I only think about aim­ing for the moon and then he fig­ures out how we’re go­ing to get there. We both know our strengths and we play well to­gether – it’s a nice team. And the last 18 years have been ab­so­lutely incredible.

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