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Don’t let that ac­cent de­ceive. Luke Bracey’s laid­back Aussie twang might have you as­sum­ing the 26-yearold hasn’t ven­tured far from Syd­ney’s North­ern Beaches – or TV’S Sum­mer Bay, where he scored his frst act­ing break – but that’s far from the truth. In lit­tle more than three years, Bracey’s notched up screen time with Pierce Brosnan, Chan­ning Ta­tum and Dwayne John­son. Then there’s his flm­ing of up­com­ing Mel Gib­son pic­ture Hack­saw Ridge, along­side An­drew Gar­feld, Vince Vaughn and Sam Wor­thing­ton. Right now, it’s all about Point Break, a re­make of the Pa­trick Swayze and Keanu Reeves 1991 ac­tion thriller. Bracey plays Johnny Utah, an FBI agent who goes un­der­cover to solve a se­ries of crimes com­mit­ted by an ex­treme sports gang. We caught up with him to chat break­ing Hol­ly­wood, stay­ing grounded, and down­ing mar­ti­nis with James Bond.

GQ: How fa­mil­iar were you with the orig­i­nal movie?

Luke Bracey: I was a huge fan. When I heard that I’d got it, I just freaked out. My mates and I lived for the next three days quot­ing Point Break lines.

GQ: You take on Keanu Reeves’ role. Feel like they’re big shoes to fill?

LB: I feel pres­sure ev­ery time I get a role. But that’s a good thing – the day I get a job where I think it’s go­ing to be easy, I’ll give it up. I want it to be a chal­lenge.

GQ: Your first gig was a req­ui­site stint on Home and Away. Was Hol­ly­wood al­ways on the cards?

LB: I was never think­ing of be­ing an ac­tor – I wanted to be a pro­fes­sional footy player or a builder. But no one gets of­fered a role on TV ev­ery day, so I thought I might as well do it. On the third day, the whole act­ing thing clicked, and I re­mem­ber telling my Dad I’d give it a go. He goes: ‘You know what most ac­tors are?’ I said, ‘What?’ He goes: ‘Wait­ers.’ But I’m lucky I proved him wrong.

GQ: Any sur­real mo­ments?

LB: When I worked with Pierce Brosnan on Novem­ber Man, we’d fnished our frst day of shoot­ing and he sug­gested we have a drink. I got a beer, and he goes, ‘I’m go­ing to have a vodka martini.’ And while we’re wait­ing, Pierce and I did im­per­son­ations of ev­ery James Bond or­der­ing a martini – him do­ing Sean Con­nery, me do­ing Roger Moore. I had to pinch my­self, for sure.

GQ: What did you get with your first proper Hol­ly­wood pay cheque?

LB: I re­ally don’t have ex­pen­sive taste. When I was wait­ing to hear if I got Novem­ber Man, I used to go to a gym next door to a vin­tage sun­glass store. I thought if I get to make a movie with Pierce Brosnan, I’m go­ing to buy my­self a pair of sun­glasses. The next day I got the call, so I went in and spent $350 on a pair of vin­tage 1970s Dun­hills. That’s about it.

GQ: Last of the big spenders, then? What keeps you grounded?

LB: It’s re­ally good when you have a group of mates who you grew up with in Syd­ney. They see a photo of you and they’ll be sure to make fun of you. It’s a good re­minder you’re just play­ing ex­pen­sive dress-ups at the end of the day. Point Break is in cine­mas Jan­uary 1

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