Five Ways To Im­press The Boss

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Look The Part

The best-dressed guy in the of­fice is al­ways go­ing to turn heads, and don’t think the boss won’t no­tice. Give your­self more phys­i­cal pres­ence, too, by stand­ing tall, drop­ping shoul­ders and lit­er­ally keep­ing your chin up. Stand­ing tall con­veys both con­fi­dence and com­pe­tence.

Find Them Fas­ci­nat­ing

Not to the point of fawn­ing git-ness, but when the boss talks, lis­ten like you’re gen­uinely in­ter­ested, whether it’s about work or his/her kid’s foot­ball team. Don’t look at your phone or scan the room. A sim­ple nod shows en­gage­ment.


You don’t need a body lan­guage ex­pert to tell you that smil­ing wins peo­ple over; it’s sim­ply some­thing in our DNA. When you smile at some­one the mes­sage is you’re happy to see them, which is good for their en­dor­phins. Just make it a gen­uine one, not a grin-mace. Or any­thing lechy.

Show Ini­tia­tive

There’s noth­ing that im­presses man­age­ment like an em­ployee who takes the ini­tia­tive and sur­prises them with an idea that will save money, or make their work­ing lives eas­ier. Not ev­ery idea will be a win­ner, but if you keep pitch­ing some­thing, even­tu­ally it will stick.

Of­fer a So­lu­tion, Not a Prob­lem

He or she has plenty of peo­ple who pour into their of­fice to de­tail prob­lems and ask that they be fixed. Think of a process in the of­fice that needs rem­e­dy­ing and come up with a pro­posal. Then, sur­prise your boss next time you’re in the lift and hit him with it. The ef­fort will be noted.

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