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The prob­lem with try­ing to run a ca­reer en­tirely on your own is you’re just not smart, or ex­pe­ri­enced, enough to know what you’re do­ing wrong. No, really. And th­ese are ex­actly the things that an ex­pe­ri­enced ca­reer coach can spot in one sit­ting (note the mo­ment they face-palm them­selves lis­ten­ing to you). Ac­cord­ing to busi­ness men­tor Natasa Den­man, it’s im­per­a­tive to land the specifc coach your ca­reer needs. “Ideally, you need some­one who’s achieved the de­sired re­sults, so they can help you, be­cause they will have a cer­tain for­mula and be able to share the shortcuts that will help you get there quicker,” says Den­man. “So a good coach will help with strat­egy, but they’ll also sug­gest writ­ing ques­tions for your­self, and help you get out of any men­tal funk. A lot of peo­ple don’t know what they don’t know; they need help to tap into their own re­sources and get rid of lim­it­ing be­liefs that are hold­ing them back.” Some­one who can of­fer an ex­pe­ri­enced, third-party per­spec­tive on those big mo­ments in your ca­reer, or life (like when con­sid­er­ing a job of­fer) is also in­valu­able. Whether you call them a life coach, a con­sul­tant or a men­tor, they’re a re­source with legs and one you need this year.

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