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The Ori­gin

It’s of­ten in­cor­rectly thought te­quila is pro­duced from cacti juice. While agave plants have spiked leaves, they’re ac­tu­ally a suc­cu­lent and come from the same fam­ily as as­para­gus.

The Worm

Far from a Mex­i­can tra­di­tion, the idea of a worm in te­quila bot­tles was a mar­ket­ing gimmick that dates back to the 1940s. While some mescals are sold with a worm, if you find any in te­quila, send it back.

The Re­gion

Like Cham­pagne or Cognac, te­quila is reg­u­lated un­der Ap­pel­la­tion of Ori­gin laws, mean­ing it can only be pro­duced within a cer­tain re­gion. It must be pro­duced and bottled in­side the state of Jalisco, and other lim­ited ar­eas of Mex­ico.

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