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The comic­book genre is lit­tered with ac­tors who’ve pulled on the tights and left a trail of dis­ap­pointed nerds in their wake. Ge­orge Clooney’s still apol­o­gis­ing for 1997’s Bat­man & Robin, and it’d take a brave man to suit up again. A hero, you might say. But that’s ex­actly what Ryan Reynolds is do­ing af­ter his lack­lus­tre foray in 2011’s Green Lantern. This time he plays Marvel’s Dead­pool: the wise­crack­ing an­ti­hero with su­per­hu­man heal­ing abil­i­ties and anger is­sues. We caught up with the 39-year-old in New York to dis­cuss his re­turn to the genre, rid­ing mo­tor­bikes with wife, Blake Lively, and chang­ing baby daugh­ter James’ nap­pies. GQ: Dead­pool has a good mix of ac­tion and com­edy. Was that the at­trac­tion? Ryan Reynolds: The big­gest thing was de­vel­op­ing the most au­then­tic Dead­pool we could get on the screen – and have the stu­dio pay for it.

GQ: That al­ways helps.

RR: Yeah, do­ing it at home alone is not fun, though I have been for years – as my poor wife knows. But the ac­tion stuff I’ve never really cared about – I don’t sit there and go, ‘We’ve got to land that bet­ter.’ Dead­pool is phys­i­cally gifted, so he can do some pretty amaz­ing things, but that’s why we have stunt co­or­di­na­tors and stunt­men.

GQ: There are a lot of su­per­hero movies right now. Any ap­pre­hen­sion about do­ing an­other? RR: I can’t for the life of me think why any­one would make me a su­per­hero again af­ter Green Lantern. But the fact is, Dead­pool’s the only rea­son I’m back in the ring. It’s some­thing I’ve been close to for a long time and that I’ve been, on pa­per, right for, as we share a lot of sen­si­bil­i­ties. Also, our movie is one-ff­teenth the bud­get of a nor­mal su­per­hero movie – we don’t carry with us the bag­gage that sinks ships.

GQ: And ca­reers?

RR: Ex­actly. As long as you don’t have any end-of-the-world sce­nar­ios – that’s the stuff that costs a for­tune. When it’s just Dead­pool feel­ing pissed off be­cause he looks like a deep-fried tes­ti­cle, that’s rel­a­tively in­ex­pen­sive. He lives in an apart­ment that looks like it’s pri­mar­ily made out of syphilis – he’s a guy that’s ba­si­cally turned a shitty sit­u­a­tion into an an­gry one.

GQ: Say you can choose any su­per­power for your­self – what would it be? RR: Oh gosh, I don’t know. Eighty per cent of them are so dumb any­way. It’s not a su­per­power, but I’d love some­one to in­vent an au­to­matic nappy-chang­ing fa­cil­ity that’s af­ford­able and easy on the baby.

GQ: There are prob­a­bly a lot of new dads in agree­ment. Time for a Kick­starter cam­paign? RR: Yeah, let’s Kick­start that fucker.

GQ: When not chang­ing nap­pies, you’re into mo­tor­bikes. Stu­dios are OK with you rid­ing? RR: You’d be sur­prised. Maybe it’s be­cause the stu­dio’s com­fort­able with me dy­ing trag­i­cally, but I’ve never had a stu­dio say, ‘Don’t do that.’

GQ: How about your wife?

RR: That’s such a sex­ist com­ment [laughs]. She’s fne with me rid­ing. I’m older now, I don’t ride the way I used to – I’m more con­ser­va­tive.

GQ: Does she ride pil­lion? RR: Does that mean be­hind?

GQ: Yeah. RR: Yeah, she likes go­ing on the bike.

GQ: Can she ride?

RR: She’s never tried but she can ac­tu­ally – she knows how to wrench a bit now, too.

GQ: Sounds pretty hot.

RR: Yeah, it’s kind of hot. This is a curious feel­ing I have right now, in my pants.

GQ: Easy tiger. Last one, why are all Cana­di­ans so nice? RR: Oh no. I can in­tro­duce you to some ab­so­lute c**ts if you want? Some real doozies. Dead­pool is in cine­mas Fe­bru­ary 11

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