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1 ‘Moov Now’

Half the size of the pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tion, the new Moov Now is a se­ri­ous piece of kit. Not so much a tracker as a prod­der, it’s about of­fer­ing met­rics that will im­prove your swim­ming. Via the app, you can check ev­ery­thing from your pool stamina to stroke type and dis­tance-to-turn time, while a voice will even coach you in real-time. What’s more, rather than use a lithium smart­watch bat­tery, it has a tra­di­tional watch bat­tery, giv­ing six months on a sin­gle charge. $79.95; wel­ WIN: IN­CRED­I­BLE COACH­ING FUNC­TIONS. FAIL: NO FACE, SO YOU CAN’T CHECK DATA MID-SWIM.

2 ‘Speedo Shine’ by Mis­fit

Min­i­mal­ist and sleek, this is for the se­ri­ous swim­mer who doesn’t want to be bur­dened with a bulky tracker. Still, that slim­ness comes at a price – while, like oth­ers, it can track things such as laps and dis­tance swum, it can’t count stroke num­bers or stroke type and, like the Moov, has no face of its own, mean­ing you can only see the data later, via the app. On the other hand, ahem, it’s made from air­craft-grade alu­minium, so is vir­tu­ally indestructible. $79.99; mis­ WIN: MIN­I­MAL­IST; HARDY. FAIL: LACK­ING IN MORE AD­VANCED FEA­TURES.

3 ‘Fenix Sap­phire’ 3 by Garmin

Not cheap – $899 of not cheap, to be ex­act. But you get the best fit­ness watch on the mar­ket – not just a swim­ming watch but one for ev­ery­thing from ski­ing to cy­cling, gym work to hik­ing. In wa­ter, it can do ev­ery­thing you’d ex­pect (lengths, dis­tance, pace, calo­ries) and much you wouldn’t, from be­ing wa­ter­proof at div­ing depths (100m) to a spe­cial­ist wild swim­ming mode. Best is the track­ing of your ‘Swolf’ score, which eggs you on to beat your best lap. $899; WIN: BEST OVER­ALL FIT­NESS WATCH ON THE MAR­KET. FAIL: THE PRICE, THE BULK.

4 ‘Pool­mate HR’ by Swimo­vate

Yes it may re­sem­ble that dig­i­tal you threw out in the ’80s, but the Pool­mate has some se­ri­ous tech – as well as record­ing laps, strokes, dis­tance and calo­ries burned, it’s also one of the few watches that will track your heart rate in the pool (most mon­i­tors trans­mit at 2.4Ghz, but this one, at 122Khz, works in wa­ter) and in­cludes a vi­brat­ing alert. Based on your arm move­ment, it can even judge your stroke ef­fi­ciency. $281.33; wig­ WIN: ONLY WATCH ON TEST THAT MON­I­TORS HEART-RATE IN THE WA­TER. FAIL: NOT A LOOKER, PRICEY.

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