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Un­less you’re James Hird (or a pro­fes­sional ath­lete sub­ject to the Aus­tralian Sports Anti-dop­ing Au­thor­ity or the World An­ti­Dop­ing Agency), pep­tides are as le­gal as that mul­ti­vi­ta­min you take ev­ery morn­ing or the gin you wash it down with. And af­ter the Essendon Bombers and Cronulla Sharks affairs, busi­ness is great. Pre­dom­i­nantly due to men who want to get on board the fat­shred­ding, mus­cle-build­ing pep­tide ex­press. But are they all hype? Here’s the low­down.

What are pep­tides and how do they work?

Dr Zac Turner of Age­ing So­lu­tions says, “Pep­tides are chains of amino acids that are the build­ing blocks of pro­teins and hor­mones. They in­crease the pro­duc­tion of Hu­man Growth Hor­mone (HGH) in our bod­ies.” Turner adds that our HGH lev­els de­crease by 12-15 per cent ev­ery decade af­ter the age of 25 and pep­tides aid in ar­rest­ing this de­cline. “This can help with in­creas­ing me­tab­o­lism, mus­cle and en­ergy, all of which burn fat.”

Best pep­tides for which goals?

“We can be selec­tive based on the re­sults you want to achieve,” says Turner. “For ex­am­ple, CJC1295 can in­crease slow-wave sleep cy­cles help­ing mem­ory re­ten­tion, mus­cle re­cov­ery and in­creased en­ergy.”

What re­sults can you ex­pect?

Turner notes, “With­out do­ing ex­er­cise, you’ll see signs of bet­ter skin, in­creased en­ergy and per­haps height­ened li­bido, though com­bined with ex­er­cise and a healthy diet, the re­sults will be enor­mous.”

How are they taken?

Pep­tides come in the form of fac­tact­ing in­jec­tions, tablets and creams, which work grad­u­ally.

Any med­i­cal risks?

Turner says, “Any­one over 18 who has had reg­u­lar health checks with a GP and has no health con­cerns

can pur­chase pep­tides af­ter go­ing through an on­line health his­tory and ques­tion­naire. If any is­sues are iden­ti­fed then you will be con­tacted by a doc­tor and of­ten have to see a GP.”

How does a pro­gram work?

With Queens­land’s Pep­tides Di­rect, choose a goal, say, lean mus­cle, and it’ll sup­ply a num­ber of pep­tide op­tions. One might be GHRP2, 0.1ml of which is in­jected sub­cu­ta­neously daily – on a fve days on, two days off ro­ta­tion for 10 weeks. The vial costs $320 for 5ml (the cream ver­sion costs $300 for fve 10ml tubes and 1ml is rubbed into the in­ner fore­arm) and the pep­tides are dis­pensed by a phar­macy once a doc­tor has eval­u­ated both your med­i­cal his­tory and the suit­abil­ity of the pep­tide you want to buy.

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