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Do it. Grow a beard. Let your (good, ex­pen­sive) hairstylist try the cut she’s been sug­gest­ing for the last 12 “just the usual” in a row. Over­haul the en­tire jean-drobe, spend silly money on a Bel­staff biker jacket, run a sock­less loafer up the fag­pole and see who salutes it. There’s no bet­ter time for a sar­to­rial re­brand­ing, es­pe­cially if it be­gins with stuffng ev­ery­thing ever owned from Aber­crom­bie & Fitch into the bin. And un­like body pierc­ing or hav­ing a mis­tress, wardrobe ex­per­i­ments are pain-free and eas­ily un­done if you catch a re­fec­tion in the shop win­dow and it reeks of MLC. Our top cau­tion when it comes to post-40 up­styling is the head­wear depart­ment. Many a man has fallen foul of the ‘cool hat’ trap, and we’d hate to see you do the same. So, if ever you fnd your­self in Gen­eral Pants turn­ing a rack of fe­do­ras, two ques­tions: are you Justin Tim­ber­lake? Is it 2005? If the an­swer to both is ‘no,’ move on. The mu­sic in there’s too loud any­way. n

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