Why we’re re­ally not sold on VR head­sets.

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Hasn’t this been a long time com­ing? A plea­sure to fnally meet you. Back in the days of The Lawn­mower Man – oh we re­mem­ber that trip, even if you’re want­ing to erase it from the VR his­tory les­son – cranky Lud­dites mocked you as pure fan­tasy, the type of tech­no­log­i­cal triv­i­al­ity that only a well-tou­sled vi­sion­ary like Pierce Bros­nan could make re­al­ity. Well, isn’t the ffth-best Bond be­hind Ge­orge Lazenby hav­ing the last laugh. See, this is go­ing to be your year – the year VR pen­e­trates sub­ur­bia’s col­lec­tive cul-de-sac, daz­zling legally med­i­cated-types al­ready strug­gling with the con­cept of ac­tual re­al­ity (you know, life not lived on SM) with your kalei­do­scopic, height­ened ver­sion of events. You’re al­ready a Sun­dance win­ner among au­di­ences keen to be im­mersed in ex­pe­ri­ences that don’t in­volve head­ing to Utah for a flm fes­ti­val in the middle of win­ter. And we can only sit back – while star­ing up at the ceil­ing in that un­re­spon­sive VR re­pose – in won­der about what lies ahead (be­hind, left and right), for gam­ing and 360-de­gree flms and gam­ing. We men­tioned gam­ing, right? Yep, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less – your cre­ated worlds are infnite. Just imag­ine the thrill of catch­ing a bus while en­gag­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence of catch­ing a vir­tual bus in high-def­ni­tion, dive-right-in 4K feld-of-view. Tick­ets pur-lease. One thing, though, as we glide the gal­ax­ies of Salvador Dali’s com­bined works to a sound­track of pi­o­neer­ing Ger­man knob twid­dlers, Tan­ger­ine Dream, what of porn? That’s right, what of adult en­ter­tain­ment? Be­cause, and let’s be frm on this, that’s what you’re about, isn’t it? It’s why you’re here, non? Be­cause don’t all tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ments ul­ti­mately come back to man’s primal de­sire to dial his own num­ber? We just hope they keep it off the bus.


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