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GQ: So, this new band, Dope Lemon – what the hell is a Dope Lemon? An­gus Stone: I like to say that we can make mu­sic out of lemons, and that we’re all dopes at heart. GQ: Right, so it’s not a citrus-flavoured bong? AS: [laughs] I don’t think that’s pos­si­ble, it’s too squeezy in there. You would get too much lemon juice… Lemon would be good ac­tu­ally. Have you ever bit­ten into a lemon? GQ: Yes. You? AS: I haven’t. Not yet. But it’s defnitely some­thing that’s in the ini­ti­a­tion process of be­ing in the band. GQ: The band fea­tures The Walk­ing Who’s Ro­hin Brown, The Delta Riggs’ El­liot Ham­mond and Matt John­son, who played on Jeff Buck­ley’s Grace. Keen to get away from your sis­ter, then? AS: Yeah, Ju­lia and I have been in each other’s pock­ets for a long time and we love each other, but it’s good to have change. Some­times it won’t work, then some­times it turns into beau­ti­ful geo­met­ric pat­terns that hap­pen with mu­sic, en­ergy and the way that peo­ple are with one an­other, it’s mag­i­cal. GQ: And just how does one get in that ‘mag­i­cal’ headspace, An­gus? AS: I like to keep mu­sic re­ally un­planned, as it just al­lows for ev­ery­one to be as cre­ative as they feel. We were in a party state, pretty much for this whole record – [drugs and al­co­hol] are the same as your en­vi­ron­ment, in­fuences, whether you had some­thing hap­pen with a lover or, a big night the night be­fore… Some­times it has ev­ery­thing to do with it and some­times it has noth­ing. The ups and downs are good for a record. GQ: Much of the mu­sic on the al­bum has a strong vis­ual sense – ‘Honey Bones’, for in­stance. What kind of state are you in when writ­ing some­thing like that? AS: It’s a pretty sex­ual sort of, drug-in­duced, you know, that third-eye delir­ium. I just re­ally like that, those words ‘Honey Bones’. It’s pretty dark if you think about it. And it’s beau­ti­ful… ‘Honey Bones’ – like we’re all made of gold. GQ: Like a trea­cle-y woman. AS: Yeah, that’s it – the sexy girl, danc­ing in the smoke. It’s a re­ally but­tery song. I didn’t re­ally like hav­ing ti­tle songs on al­bums be­cause it draws a lot of fo­cus to that song. But for me, it’s just the words. It’s re­ally but­tery. It’s just soft and nice. I wanted it to just feel good, I guess. GQ: As some­one who’s so driven by words, what’s the Dope Lemon mes­sage? AS: It’s a symbol of all good things start­ing and end­ing in the gar­den. When I jump in the ocean or go to the coun­try, ev­ery­thing makes sense. Re­li­gion, ac­quir­ing pos­ses­sions, build­ing and build­ing – it feels like you’re mov­ing for­ward, but you’re ac­tu­ally tak­ing two steps back. It’s as sim­ple as just get­ting back to the gar­den. Honey Bones is out May 6.

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