Cheers to not al­ways hav­ing a drink.

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We’ve had some laughs, haven’t we. Or have we? Be­cause the best mem­o­ries through­out our re­la­tion­ship are scat­tered – like con­fetti through a wood chip­per. In fact – we’re think­ing we might need to call last drinks. ‘Soft cock’ will come the col­lec­tive cry from the crowd of real men – blokes who look upon such an ap­proach as weak. Worse still, they’ll wail, “A man who doesn’t drink is un-aus­tralian.” And this is the is­sue. For too long, al­co­hol, through no fault of your own, you’ve been her­alded as part of what it means to be Aus­tralian – a cen­tral liq­uid com­po­nent of the lo­cal ex­pe­ri­ence; as Aussie as a ute, a kelpie, mos­qui­toes on a wet sum­mer’s night or hav­ing at least one mate called Dutchy. As Aus­tralians, we all too reg­u­larly cham­pion those with an ever-fex­i­ble drink­ing arm: Bob Hawke, not only an in­fuen­tial La­bor leader, but, more im­por­tantly, a man who could smash a yard glass/schooner/tin like few oth­ers. David Boon – more of us can re­call his record beer con­sump­tion en route to Lon­don than his im­pres­sive ca­reer bat­ting av­er­age. Shane Warne – king of spin, even bet­ter boozer. Amid the in­creased de­bates about lock­out laws and the need to curb al­co­holic-re­lated vi­o­lence, now’s the time to face up to the fact we’re a na­tion of pis­sheads. And ad­mit the need to act – to tweak the so­ci­etal ac­cep­tance we, like no other na­tion, have for sup­port­ing the daily bing­ing of booze. No, we’re not turn­ing into a bunch of wowsers – what we’re say­ing is keep things tidy. You know, there’s noth­ing wrong with oc­ca­sion­ally say­ing, ‘No’. It doesn’t make you less of a man – if any­thing, it shows of a greater strength.


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