The Rock v Jai Court­ney

GQ (Australia) - - CHAMPION -

“Ob­vi­ously, The Rock is the strong­est guy I’ve trained with. We trained to­gether on GI Joe: Re­tal­i­a­tion and, as train­ing part­ners, we lit­er­ally de­stroyed our­selves in the gym every day, with heavy weights and high-in­ten­sity train­ing with tons of reps. It’s like a sanc­tu­ary, where noth­ing ex­ists ex­cept the sound of iron bang­ing to­gether, grunts from the end­less reps we do and the oc­ca­sional curse word when the pain would creep in and bite us. But as far as strength goes, Jai Court­ney is a beast – he’s the most nat­u­rally strong guy I’ve trained. I wish I had his ge­net­ics. For Ter­mi­na­tor Genisys, he had to lose mus­cle, be­cause he barely had any body fat at all, so you have to be care­ful with him as far as do­ing weight train­ing – his body re­sponds so quickly. Our train­ing re­volved around func­tional move­ments, TRX, bat­tle ropes – things to keep the me­tab­o­lism up – [as well as] car­dio strength train­ing, lots of reps, a lot of vol­ume, very lit­tle rest pe­ri­ods. His diet was also very calo­ri­er­e­stricted, so he was de­pleted a lot. He’s a guy who likes to have a beer and en­joy life a lit­tle, so it goes to show that he put him­self through a lot to look a cer­tain way for that role.”

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