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Even if his name doesn’t ring any bells for a lot of Aus­tralians, most will have seen this anony­mous street artist’s work. There was the in-memo­riam Tay­lor Swift mu­ral, fol­low­ing her bru­tal Kim Kar­dashian feud, the naked Don­ald Trump, over­sized in ev­ery sense, and the tribute to Harambe, the late Cincin­nati Zoo go­rilla. Then he painted Hil­lary Clin­ton in a star-span­gled bikini and shit hit the fan. Peo­ple la­belled him misog­y­nis­tic and sex­ist – and even his Instagram ac­count was sus­pended. His re­sponse: to paint over Mrs Clin­ton’s mod­esty with a burqa, then start a new Instagram ac­count.

GQ: How did the Hil­lary piece come about? Lush Sux: It was just a funny meme get­ting around the in­ter­net. I’d al­ready done Bernie and Trump, and peo­ple had fun with them – so it’s only fair I did Hil­lary as well. But once I put it up, it be­came a real is­sue with peo­ple think­ing it’s sex­ist. GQ: Did the back­lash sur­prise you?

LS: I didn’t think it would have gone so far, but Instagram sus­pended my ac­count, for rea­sons un­known. I’d painted Don­ald Trump nu­mer­ous times – you could see his ‘wang’ and no one com­plained at all – but as soon as I drew Hil­lary, all of a sud­den it’s the worst thing in the world. It was on the verge of be­com­ing vi­ral and they just ex­posed it even fur­ther.

GQ: Do you re­ally think the Hil­lary piece got you booted off Instagram? LS: Hil­lary was posted the day be­fore [I got sus­pended], and the Demo­cratic Na­tional Con­ven­tion was go­ing on. They were re­ally crack­ing down on meme ac­counts around that time, which is a bit sus­pi­cious. But it’s just a con­spir­acy the­ory. Who knows? GQ: You’ve done a lot of US elec­tion stuff. Does pol­i­tics make for good street art? LS: Trump, Hil­lary and Bernie – they’re all liv­ing memes. Ev­ery­thing they say or do can be turned into a joke. GQ: Is it tricky to find spots for your art?

LS: It’s quite easy to get a wall in Mel­bourne – peo­ple love graf­fiti here. Even if you do it il­le­gally, gen­er­ally they’re pretty stoked that you went there and both­ered. Peo­ple come up and give you beer and have a chat. In Syd­ney, even if you have per­mis­sion for the wall, peo­ple are still go­ing to come up and give you bad vibes about it. GQ: You were in­volved in Banksy’s ‘be­muse­ment park’ ex­hi­bi­tion, Dis­ma­land, in Eng­land last year. How did that come about? LS: I’ve known Banksy’s un­der­lings and peo­ple that do things with him for about 10 years. GQ: So they reached out to you? LS: Yeah. I’ve spo­ken to him be­fore and he likes my stuff. GQ: Have you met him? LS: It’s bet­ter not to talk about that shit. GQ: Fair enough. Even An­gelina Jolie col­lects Banksys now. Are you wor­ried about get­ting over­ex­posed? LS: No way. Banksy sells paint­ings for $350,000. Over­ex­po­sure is a myth. And these peo­ple who are crit­i­cal of him aren’t buy­ing the work, so who cares? For more of Lush Sux, you can fol­low him on Instagram @Lush­sux2. At least un­til he’s sus­pended again.


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