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AS BEN­E­FI­CIAL AS A MEN­TOR CAN BE, IT CAN ALSO BE A DE­STRUC­TIVE RE­LA­TION­SHIP IF YOU FIND YOUR­SELF WITH A SHORT-TEM­PERED NAR­CIS­SIST. WHEN THE MEN­TOR CON­NEC­TION IS DYS­FUNC­TIONAL, IT’S BAD NEWS FOR BOTH PAR­TIES. True, some of the best men­tors can in­deed be ar­se­holes. But if a men­tor sees you as a per­sonal slave to do their bid­ding, you’ve a big prob­lem. Be­cause they’re not in this for you.

They haven’t been around the block a few times, and they never at­tended the school of hard knocks. If your men­tor is a lit­tle wet be­hind the ears, that’s a prob­lem. A rookie will love the idea of men­tor­ing some­one. Sadly, they’ll lack the ex­pe­ri­ence to make this a truly valu­able en­deav­our.

This men­tor loves the sound of their own voice, and will spend the time lec­tur­ing in­stead of ask­ing ques­tions that help you come to your own con­clu­sions. You need some­one who re­alises that learn­ing is a nev­erend­ing process.

This guy’s about as re­li­able as a $20 Rolex from a Shang­hai back lane. They live life fly­ing by the seat of their pants and – pro­vided they ac­tu­ally turn up to your two o’clock – will en­cour­age you to do the same.

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