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Sex and sports sci­ence are en­twined. This may sound odd, but re­search shows your choice of gym ex­er­cise has a pro­found and pos­i­tive im­pact on testos­terone lev­els, li­bido and, ul­ti­mately, what hap­pens be­tween the sheets. Ap­pre­ci­ate this – and how to wield its power – and those bed­room-based work­outs will quickly step up a few notches. Also re­alise that train­ing with a sex­ual part­ner can mean even bet­ter all-round re­sults. For now, try these on for size.

1 Sled Drags

These be­come shorter and stronger the more weight that’s added, and typ­i­cally in­volve push­ing or pulling a weight for 10 to 20m across five to 10 sets. It’s a bru­tal car­dio work­out and, when it comes to your li­bido, it’s far bet­ter than spend­ing hours pound­ing the foot­path on a lengthy run. In­deed, an ar­ti­cle point­edly en­ti­tled, ‘Re­duced Serum Testos­terone and Pro­lactin Lev­els in Male Dis­tance Run­ners’ from the Jour­nal of the Amer­i­can Med­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion states, “mean lev­els of to­tal testos­terone were sig­nif­i­cantly lower” com­pared to the av­er­age runner. So keep car­dio short, strong and (where pos­si­ble), do it along­side a train­ing part­ner who has a set of sled-ready, sculpted glutes. You’ll train that much harder, plus rests be­tween sets will be far more en­joy­able.

2 Hill Sprints

Find a hill. Sprint up it. Walk back down. Re­peat. It’s a ba­sic form of High In­ten­sity In­ter­val Train­ing (HIIT), proven to ac­cel­er­ate fat loss and burns en­ergy twice as quickly as sex. Ac­cord­ing to the catchy ‘En­ergy Ex­pen­di­ture dur­ing Sex­ual Ac­tiv­ity in Young Healthy Cou­ples’ re­port, men ex­pend 1150kj calo­ries dur­ing half an hour of sex, and on av­er­age, men burnt 17.6kj calo­ries a minute dur­ing sex com­pared to 38.5kj while run­ning. The short story here – com­bin­ing sex and HIIT means burn­ing fat in dif­fer­ent ways and mas­ter­ing both will re­sult in a lean, testos­terone-loaded physique.

3 Back Squat v Front Squat

If the goal is to lift some se­ri­ous weight – re­search in the Euro­pean Jour­nal of Ap­plied Phys­i­ol­ogy and Oc­cu­pa­tional Phys­i­ol­ogy found “sig­nif­i­cant in­creases in testos­terone af­ter heavy re­sis­tance train­ing” – then ramp up the back squats. On av­er­age, ath­letes are able to lift 19kg more when do­ing a back squat over front squats. Still, if you’re con­cerned about in­jury, even when all sex cylin­ders are fir­ing, then go front ways. You’ll ex­pe­ri­ence fewer com­pres­sive forces, so you start the evening’s fes­tiv­i­ties in­jury-free. Be­cause what good is a fully func­tional li­bido if you’re in­jured and un­able to en­gage it? So, be­fore ev­ery leg ses­sion be sure to pay the squat rack a visit. Whether you’re front squat­ting or back squat­ting, put be­tween 75 to 85 per cent of your one-rep­e­ti­tion max­i­mum on the bar and aim to com­plete five to eight reps for three sets.

4 Pelvic Thrusts

The av­er­age gent thrusts 60 to 120 times dur­ing sex be­fore ejac­u­lat­ing. For some, that’s a myth­i­cal num­ber only achieved in dreams. It’s why en­gag­ing the pelvic floor mus­cles as part of a reg­u­lar work­out can help with is­sues such as erec­tile dys­func­tion and pre­ma­ture ejac­u­la­tion. Six sets of 15 reps adds up to a pretty de­cent ses­sion, im­prov­ing en­durance and con­trol by ton­ing and strength­en­ing the pub­o­coc­cygeus and per­ineal mus­cles.

5 Yoga

Men of­ten at­tack gym days be­fore a date in the hope abs and bi­ceps pop. In re­al­ity, the best prep is to re­lax, stretch and get ready for match day. The Sport Di­gest says, “pro­longed bouts of stren­u­ous ex­er­cise cause a tem­po­rary de­pres­sion of var­i­ous as­pects of im­mune func­tion.” In­stead, gen­tle yoga stim­u­lates the body’s im­mune sys­tem so you ar­rive on game day fresh and un­fa­tigued. And it’s a form of fore­play that stim­u­lates blood flow, es­pe­cially when you at­tempt to do the fly­ing bow/wheel pose.

6 Wide Grip Bench Press

The world’s most tried and tested ex­er­cise. Per­form it with a wide grip to un­lock a solid hor­monal ad­van­tage linked to en­gag­ing the pec­toralis ma­jor. The Jour­nal of Ap­plied Phys­i­ol­ogy, Nutri­tion, and Me­tab­o­lism states that lev­els of testos­terone “in­creased sig­nif­i­cantly af­ter train­ing when larger mus­cle­group ex­er­cises were per­formed com­pared to the smaller mus­cle­group ex­er­cises”. So more tweaks to tech­nique mean more mus­cles used and more testos­terone gen­er­ated. And if you need any more li­bido-based as­sis­tance, find an at­trac­tive train­ing part­ner and ‘at­ten­tively’ spot their bench press. Yes, it’s that sim­ple. Fi­nally – and putting train­ing aside – build­ing a strong and sta­ble up­per body is never a bad thing if you’re to put in a lengthy ses­sion on top.


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