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FIFTY SHADES OF GREY – BDSM “Bondage can be en­joy­able, but is not an au­to­matic so­lu­tion to spic­ing things up. If the idea of dom­i­nance and sub­mis­sion sends you wild, then go ahead, but any­one sim­ply giv­ing it a go af­ter the suc­cess of the book may be dis­ap­pointed – like those who watched the film.” Au­then­tic­ity: 8/10 “Pos­si­ble if the right in­ten­tions are there, but the movie isn’t an in­struc­tion man­ual.” WILD THINGS – IN THE POOL “Wel­come to the world of weight­less­ness – a great place to ex­per­i­ment. The pos­i­tives are out­weighed by the downsides: it can wash away a woman’s nat­u­ral lu­bri­ca­tion; chlo­rine can also ir­ri­tate the vagina; with anal sex, lube will wash away, mean­ing there’s a greater risk of tears and abra­sions; you also need to be care­ful with how much pool wa­ter is pumped in­side. For women, this can reach the cervix and cause in­fec­tion, and, with anal, it can dis­rupt the gas­troin­testi­nal tract.” Au­then­tic­ity: 3/10 “It might look sexy, but ac­tual in­ter­course in a pool can be dif­fi­cult and even painful.” AMER­I­CAN PSY­CHO – HAV­ING A THREE­SOME “All three­somes come with risks. The more peo­ple in­volved, the more emo­tions you might have to deal with. While these can be a lot of fun, they can also be re­la­tion­ship sui­cide. The best way to en­gage in this type of sex­ual be­hav­iour is if all three peo­ple are not ro­man­ti­cally linked. Men, if with two women, be aware you might need to get used to jug­gling two sets of in­se­cu­ri­ties and emo­tions. Spend equal time with both and don’t favour one over the other. Also know when to step back a lit­tle. Three­somes are of­ten more about two women be­ing to­gether than a man hav­ing the plea­sure of mul­ti­ple women, so, if you feel things heat up, let the girls play and be on call to as­sist.” Au­then­tic­ity: 7/10 “En­ter at your own risk.” BLUE VALEN­TINE – THE CUN­NING LIN­GUIST “Go­ing down on a woman should not only be seen as an act of giv­ing, but also a sex­ual turn-on for you – see­ing your part­ner in plea­sure and know­ing that you caused it. Ev­ery­one has dif­fer­ent pref­er­ences, but un­der­stand this: the cli­toris has 8000 nerve end­ings, which is more than men have at the tip of the pe­nis. So start gen­tly, as there’s a risk of over­stim­u­lat­ing, be care­ful of any stub­ble or fa­cial hair, and in­cor­po­rate fin­gers by rub­bing the cli­toris when your tongue needs a break or in­sert them to stim­u­late the g-spot at the same time.” Au­then­tic­ity: 9/10 “There’s no wrong to this act if done cor­rectly.” SHAME – STAND­ING “Sex while stand­ing up is about two things – an­gles and boobs. It comes down to a per­sonal pref­er­ence and can feel good, but know it also takes some skill and body strength. Also, it might not end up be­ing as sexy as it looks on film, and turn into a stum­ble-laden ses­sion of con­stantly mov­ing feet and hands while look­ing for things to hold on to.” Au­then­tic­ity: 3/10 “What seems sexy of­ten ends up be­ing a lo­gis­ti­cal night­mare.” TI­TANIC – IN A CAR “Hav­ing sex some­where other than the bed­room can be that el­e­ment needed to spice things up. And where do most men have pos­i­tive emo­tions? The ben­e­fits here are more psy­cho­log­i­cal than phys­i­cal. It’s some­where new and can feel a lit­tle naughty and risky – though it might take time to work out which po­si­tion doesn’t bend your back or see a gear stick where it doesn’t be­long. Try mis­sion­ary in the back seat or with her on top ei­ther in the back or front. To re­main dis­creet, try fore­play and fondling while both peo­ple are pas­sen­gers.” Au­then­tic­ity: 10/10 “Who hasn’t had some form of sex­ual con­tact in a car, es­pe­cially in the younger ex­per­i­men­tal years?” 9½ WEEKS – WITH FOOD “Play­ing with food dur­ing sex can stim­u­late the senses of taste and smell, and dif­fer­ent tex­tures feel good. Be care­ful of any food prod­ucts that have sugar in them go­ing in­side the vagina, as it can cause a yeast in­fec­tion. For anal, the big­gest thing to look out for is not los­ing some­thing in­side – main­tain a good grip on the end. Also, note that any foods with oil in them can break down con­doms.” Au­then­tic­ity: 4/10 “Feed­ing each other won’t get you go­ing, un­less that’s your fetish, but rub­bing food over the body can be a turn-on.”

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